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We accumulate so many years of tooling experience, adopting professional equipments, hiring skillful technicians who can operate independently in assembly/trial/sampling with strong capabilities for trouble-shooting. We are also self-sufficient in jig/fixture/measuring devices production, so as to meet customer's requirement.

The plant is equipped with giant grinder, lathe, driller and so on, those equipments can minimize down-time for maintenance/repair, thereby guaranteeing timely delivery to customers.

‧Overhead travelling crane 1 crane
‧Rotation-arm chopper (TPR-1100) 1 chopper
‧Shaping grinder 1 grinder
‧Miller 1 miller
‧Lathe 1 lathe
‧Belt saw 1 machine
‧Giant grinder 1 grinder
‧Argon welding machine 1 machine
‧Sanding wheel machine 1 machine
Max. capacity:
Manual shaping grinder
Max. capacity:
Giant grinder
Max. capacity:
Tel:886-3-3633791 Fax:886-3-3633792 Address:No. 63, Chang’an St., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City 334, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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