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We have excellent auto-ultra-sonic cleaning technology to effectively wash out the impurities and dust/dirt in semi-finished products. Also we establish a clean room to process special-requirement goods from start to finish, thereby promoting efficiency and lowering labor cost.

Testing device of acids/alkali;Testing device of electricity-conductivity
Monitoring cleaning equipments and water condition, to maintain clean quality.
Tiny-oil air compressor
For the purpose of compressing blow/clean devices, with lower starting current and high EER.
Production line in clean room
1. Assembly line.
2. Cleaning/appearance inspection line.
3. Gluing/labeling line.
Ultra-sonic wash
To conduct sound wave human can't perceive in the detergent, as it belongs to a vertical wavelength, can create great number of tiny vacuum-bubbles in the liquid through the medium-driving effect by which the pressure is fluctuated, i.e.『empty-cave effect』

When bubbles explode due to compression, strong impact-energy will be created, thereby blowing the dirt in inaccessible sections of cleaned parts. As ultra sonic is with high frequency/saturation and short wavelength, so it is quite helpful to clean parts with tiny seams or complicated structure/frame.
Water purifier
Our water purifier combines the most advanced technology of anti-permeation membrane/filtration and traditional approach of ion-exchange, to remove the Ca+2、Mg+2 Na+、CO3-2、HCO3-、Cl in water, its quality can meet various requirements from different users.

Product instruction:
1. Motor set is equipped with auto-protection device.
2. Auto alarm/alert function for insufficient liquid.
3. Adopting PLC to lower labor cost.
4. Required power voltage: 3∮4W 220/380V 50/60Hz, or specific voltage.
Washing/cleaning machine
1. Fully auto-control, and systematic-human control panel, save labor cost.
2. Washing way can be programmed depending on types of parts.
3. Washing time can be freely set to control cleaning quality.
4. The servo motor integrates the pneumatic cylinder to ensure smooth operation.
5. The operational direction can be adjusted depending on on-site layout of workshop, to facilitate production administration.
6. Material: stainless steel SUS304.
7. Error/malfunction messages will be displayed for prompt trouble-shooting.
8. Can be custom-made for various industrial customers.
Well/Groundwater processing
To remove Fe, Mn, by filtering through quartz sands and Mn sands, next by active carbon and precise filters, generally, the water can reach RO level after such treatment.
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